Though most of the time they are not made public, we know that every story has a backstory. Myths play along the confines of the human mind, casting shadows where Mythical Creatures seem to reside. One could say that these creatures are the lovechild of our imagination and our reality born into stories of wonder and fear. Because of the exceeding of species-specific traits and limitations, they embody ideal monsters. These creatures and their hybrid qualities are found throughout the history of numerous cultures, yet their origin is mostly a myth itself.

By catching animals of various territories in an orgiastic act, the artist Dominika Bednarsky suggests a vivid answer to the question of the biological conception of these fabulous beasts. The ceramic entanglements of feral bodies form a complex singular mass, emphasizing the idea of unification through sexual intercourse.

Often sex is described as an animalistic act. If this is a prude statement or a simplification of the variation of sexual desires of humans and animals is a matter of interpretation. From festivals in Babylon to the erotic sculptures in the Kharujaho temples or even mating processes of snakes, orgies have been regarded as an aspect of life quality by deepening social bonds.

The sculptural sceneries are created with Dominika Bednarsky's humorous approach to push bourgeoise ideas to the tipping point of exuberance. On this note, the series 'XOXOXOXO' can be read as a sincere expression linking the finite imagination to the deep-rooted lust of living things.

Text: Lena Stewens

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